Oct 24, 2012



Pictures of Jack O’Lanterns May Be Submitted Online;

Halloween Safety Tips Posted on Website


“Halloween brings out the kid in everyone,” said Congressman Reed.  “We thought it would be great fun this Halloween to encourage kids from one to 100 to submit their Halloween Pumpkins online in a contest where everyone is a winner.  My hope is that this will spur additional safety awareness and bring some added fun to the annual tradition of carving pumpkins.” 

To enter, any resident of the 29th Congressional District can submit their Jack O’Lantern pictures to the contest at  

Every pumpkin submitted to the online contest will be deemed a winner in the hope that children of all ages and abilities can be positively recognized for their individual creativity and effort.  A picture of every pumpkin submitted to the contest will be posted on the website in time for Halloween and a certificate will be provided to every winner.  

Importantly, Congressman Reed has also included Halloween Safety Tips (attached) from the United States Department of Health & Human Services for parents and children alike. 

“At a time when our economy is suffering and many are worried about their jobs or job prospects, this should be a time when families can try and put these issues aside, if even for a few hours, and embrace the fun of Halloween,” said Reed.  “I hope our contest can help accomplish that and also be a guide for a safer Halloween for everyone.”