REED NAMED TO HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES COMMITTEE ON RULES Appointment Comes in Recognition of Reed’s Perspective and Vision

Apr 5, 2011 Issues:
Congressman Tom Reed was appointed today to the House of Representatives Committee on Rules by Speaker John Boehner and Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier. The appointment, which required approval by a vote of the full House, was approved by voice vote and is effective immediately.
"I am deeply honored to receive the support of my colleagues in the House of Representatives today in my appointment to the House Rules Committee.  It will truly be a privilege to serve on a committee that is at the center of the House Majority's reform efforts.  I ran for Congress on a platform that pledged to bring accountability and transparency to the House - two principles that had unfortunately been lacking in previous Congresses," said Congressman Reed. 
"Serving on the Rules Committee will allow me to ensure my constituents are represented in a Congress that respects the will of the American people,” Reed continued.  “I look forward to being able to have an impact on the larger House agenda as we consider legislation to move our country in the right direction.  This is what the voters of the 29th District sent me to Washington to do."

“Tom Reed is an excellent choice to join the Rules Committee,” Dreier said.  “His appointment is a testament to his vision and commitment to changing the way Congress does business.  I believe his experience as a mayor and small businessman give him the kind of real-world perspective we need to bring the legislative priorities of the American people to the House floor.  He has already become known for his strong work ethic in his short time in Congress.  He makes a fine addition to the committee.”

The Committee on Rules is one of the oldest standing committees in the House, having been first formally constituted on April 2, 1789.  The Committee on Rules determines the format of how legislation comes to the House Floor for a vote, how many amendments are allowed, and how long debate will be held.

In order to serve on the Committee on Rules, Congressman Reed will relinquish his current assignment on the Judiciary Committee and take a leave of absence from the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.