Constituent Connections

Our office seeks to help our constituents navigate the bureaucracy of our government. Here are some stories from across the region:

“I called Congressman Reed’s office in a panic, because miscommunication with the Social Security office caused my benefits to be wrongfully cut.  Congressman Reed’s office listened to my issue, contacted Social Security and explained the situation, and helped straighten it out.  I am so grateful for their help.”

-Cecelia, Seneca Falls

“I called the Congressman’s office when I wasn’t sure where to turn.  They helped me work with my local disability office (ODAR) to have my case heard, my disability and Medicare reinstated, and made it possible for me to have a surgery I desperately needed.  As a veteran, I truly appreciate them working with me and all the help they provided.” 

-Sara, Portland

“I was awarded social security disability and owed backpay; I tried for several months, but I couldn’t get social security to release the money.  It was suggested I call the Congressman’s office for help.  I did, and they worked with the local office and the Processing Center- where the money was held up- to get it released. I appreciate their assistance.” 

-Heath, Jamestown

“We reached out to our representative in a time of serious need. A member of our church tragically died while on a mission trip in a third world country and we were unsure what to do next. With the lack of communication and technology in the country and with the language barrier, it was extremely difficult for us to proceed on our own. We were impressed with how accessible and compassionate the office was during this very difficult time.  Congressman Reed and his team assisted with contacting the embassy and clarified procedures. They provided our entire community with relief and were the clear voice of needed communication to help get our friend back to the states.”

-Linda, Pine City

“I had been waiting for Social Security to release back benefits to my daughter for months, and I explained my frustration on Facebook one day.  A friend told me to contact Congressman Reed’s office for assistance.  I did, and my friend was right. They helped me successfully reach out to Social Security, and the funds were released. Tom Reed and his staff truly helped my family.”

-Jessica, Jamestown

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