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Congressman Tom Reed

Representing the 23rd District of New York



Agriculture is the backbone of our rural economy and we must ensure we support our local farmers.

Diabetes Caucus

I was recently named Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus on Diabetes. Diabetes is personal to me, and I understand how this disease affects so many individuals and families across our country. I am honored to assume this leadership position, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to continue fighting for those impacted by diabetes.
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Economy and Jobs

Our economy and job creation are important issues to our district and we must fight for hardworking families.
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Our children’s education is critical to the success of every generation and it is only fair that we ensure that our education system is focused on our students and not being negatively affected by Washington bureaucrats.
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A comprehensive energy plan for America’s future is critically important to our district and our nation.

Ensuring Access to Health Care

Health issues affect us all and it is only fair that we return to patient-focused care that is affordable and accessible.

Manufacturing Caucus

We continue to fight for quality, family-sustaining jobs across our region. These jobs can often be found in domestic manufacturing plants and advanced manufacturing fields right here in the United States. With that in mind, I am proud to be a Co-Chair of the bipartisan House Manufacturing Caucus.
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Natural Gas Caucus

The Congressional Natural Gas Caucus serves to educate a group of Members of Congress who are engaged in issues related to natural gas development. The Caucus focuses on educating other Members, staff and the public on this subject.

Private Property Rights Caucus

In May 2015, we established the Private Property Rights Caucus to educate Members of Congress and their staff on the importance of property rights to a free society, how landowners across the country are being negatively impacted by government action and to protect Americans’ rights to their private property.
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Securing Social Security

The Social Security Trust Fund was created to ensure individuals had a sustained income after retirement. It is only fair that each individual receives from the system what they paid into it. We are fighting to ensure the Retirement fund and the Disability Insurance (DI) fund do not run out of money.
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Spending Reductions and Debt

We must have strong leadership in Congress to address the out of control spending in Washington. It is unfair to straddle future generations with a massive debt.
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Tax Reform

The American people deserve a simple, fair tax code and we are committed to serious reforms.
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Improving our nation’s infrastructure is critical to improving economic development and bringing jobs back to our area.
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As the son of a career Army officer who worked his way through the enlisted ranks, I care about Veterans and their families. Our offices remain committed to ensuring they get the help they deserve.