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Congressman Tom Reed

Representing the 23rd District of New York

Economy and Jobs

Our economy and job creation are important issues to our district and we must fight for hardworking families.

Our economy has struggled in recent years. Across the 23rd Congressional District, every family has felt the impact of our economic crisis as many struggle to make ends meet.  It is only fair that we promote policies that get hardworking families back to work.

As a former owner of several small businesses, I recognize the burden the federal government can place on job creators across the country. Small businesses, particularly in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes, are the primary employers and job creators. They are the key to ensuring our economic recovery. In fact, across the country, small businesses employ over half of all private-sector employees and have generated 64 percent of new jobs over the past 15 years. 

While the federal government cannot create private sector jobs, it must ensure barriers to growth are removed. This includes burdensome and unnecessary federal regulations that create uncertainty and raise the costs of doing business - in effect, excessive federal regulation becomes an additional tax on businesses. 

The federal government should work to make our economy stronger, not cripple it with out-of-control spending, excessive federal regulations, or increased taxes.