Problem Solvers Caucus

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I co-chair the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus. We are a congressional action group driven by forty-eight members of Congress - half Republican and half Democrat - who come together nearly every week to engage in a common sense approach to solving our nation’s toughest issues. 

Earlier this year, we locked arms to formalize our efforts and created the first bipartisan bloc. 

  • In July, we introduced a proposal designed to immediately stabilize the individual health care marketplace and lower premiums - the very first bipartisan plan to fix health care.
  • In October, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and Democratic Senator Patty Murray released a health care plan that included several of the core principles of our proposal, which is now under consideration in the Senate.
  • Our working groups are driving our problem solving efforts on health care, tax reform, DACA and border security, infrastructure and the budget. 
  • In early November, Republican Senator Susan Collins and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin lead efforts to create a bicameral bridge across the two chambers of Congress.

Our commitment to creating sound policy is propelled by our belief that compromise, though difficult, is the only way forward. Obstruction is easy but getting to ‘yes’ through bipartisanship and listening is the people’s work - and that which I am most proud of leading.

Simply, we put people and progress before party. That is why you’ll find Problem Solvers at long, odd hours in the Capitol, seated together around a large table, debating and negotiating to solve the issues that will shape the future of our America.

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