Heroin Injection Sites

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The Mayor of Ithaca has called on New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo to approve a supervised drug injection pilot program in his city. To be perfectly clear, I am adamantly opposed to the use of heroin injection sites in our communities.

Injection sites will bring an influx of violence, crime and homelessness into our backyards as dangerous drug dealers will naturally follow the increased heroin users into our communities. Only an extreme liberal ideology would support these spaces, and I will not help these radicals in their effort.

I don’t want mothers to fear for their children’s lives as they walk to get onto the school bus, or for fathers to worry that their families will go hungry if they are mugged after a late night of work. I care about the hardworking people who choose to live in the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes and Western New York, and it would be unfair to them if we allowed their communities to become a drug pusher’s paradise.

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