Finger Lakes Incinerator Project

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A company has proposed building the largest garbage incinerator in New York State in Romulus, NY. I want to be perfectly clear - I am adamantly opposed to this project because it would hurt the Finger Lakes momentum as a premier tourist destination. 

The agri-tourism industry in the Finger Lakes employs 60,000 people and generates $2.9 billion in economic activity. I do not want to risk losing this economic engine for our area.

We do not want to be the trash dump for NYC. This facility would burn 2,640 tons of garbage a day and have a 260 foot smoke stack that will emit a variety of toxins. Not to mention, the incinerator will draw 445,000 gallons of water from Seneca Lake ever single day. 

While it is up to the state of New York to decide whether this project moves forward or not, I will do everything in my power to be a loud voice against the incinerator project.
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