Social Security

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As the youngest of 12 siblings raised by a single mom supported by Social Security checks and my father’s military death benefits, we understand firsthand how important the program is to the welfare of millions of Americans. 

Since assuming the position of Republican Leader of the Social Security subcommittee, our priority has always been preserving Social Security for future generations. We can do so by working, in a bipartisan fashion, to identify solutions that modernize the program, reward work, boost economic activity, and take care of our at risk populations. 

These principles can be summarized by our LEAP acronym, which stands for:

  • Long-term economic growth by rewarding work, not penalizing it,
  • Equal treatment for public servants,
  • Act now to protect future generations’ benefits, and
  • Protect the most vulnerable people through focused reforms.

We look forward to continuing the legacy of the late American hero, Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX), who helped fight crime, fraud, abuse, and developed a comprehensive plan to ensure solvency for Social Security.


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