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  • We need to nip this in the bud Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, Multiple videos have surfaced online of New York Police Officers being doused in water by people as a sign of disrespect in a growing social media challenge. MAKE NO MISTAKE – these officers were attacked because of the badge and uniform they wear. These actions are a result of extreme Democrat politicians spouting anti-police rhetor...

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  • Have you read the news? Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, With August in full swing, we just wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the events we have participated in. MANUFACTURING SUMMIT We hosted our 5th Annual Manufacturing Summit with a tour of Bucher Emhart Glass in Big Flats and headed off to our workshops at Greater Southern Tier BOCES in Elmira. This year, our theme was about...

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  • Delivering Results Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, As you may recall, last January the Problem Solvers Caucus secured a rule change called the “consensus calendar”. This calendar is used when a bill has secured 290 co-sponsors and has now turned into the go-to-place for common sense, bipartisan bills. In July, we saw three bills reach the house floor because of these rule changes: Ca...

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  • 8.14.19

    NY Police Dumping Water bill

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  • 7.30.19 Media Call

    Problem Solvers Caucus & Consensus Calendar

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  • 7.16.19 Media Call

    LEAP principles

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