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  • It's just common sense... Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, Diabetes and access to insulin are very important issues to me since they both have hit very close to home. It is heartbreaking to hear stories about people rationing their insulin or choosing between buying this life-saving drug or paying their bills. Recently, to help remedy this situation, we offered an amendment to Nancy Pelosi’s...

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  • Have you thought about a career change? Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, Did you know there are currently more job openings than there are Americans looking for work? Employers are in search of more qualified workers and there are untapped opportunities. We need to start encouraging people to get the skills they needed to fill the good paying jobs employers are desperate to fill. Currently, needs-based Fe...

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  • Quick weekly recap Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, This week I went on a diplomatic trip to Poland to meet with the Polish Prime Minister, President and the cabinet. We praised their commitment to wean themselves off of Russian energy with U.S. natural gas. Poland has signed approximately $33 billion worth of contracts with U.S. firms for delivery of natural gas to the country. When ...

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