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  • Working Together To Solve Diabetes Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, November is National Diabetes Month - and as a co-chair of the Diabetes Caucus and the father of a Type-1 Diabetic, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our efforts on this important issue. According to the CDC, Diabetes impacts, 10.5 percent of the nation's population - that is 34.2 million Americans who have to navigate the dif...

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  • Moving Closer To Bipartisan Relief Deal Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, This week with your support, we have continued the fight to move forward a COVID-19 relief deal. For months, our commitment to getting comprehensive COVID-19 relief for the American people has remained steadfast. That's because we care about all of our small businesses, farmers, local governments, and working families who are hurting...

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  • Working To Ensure Congress Does Its Job Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, We wanted to provide an update this week on our efforts to push forward on a bipartisan COVID-19 relief deal. Since releasing our “March to Common Ground” framework last week to break the gridlock, the White House and Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle have commented in favor of the plan and our efforts. This week, we c...

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