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  • Focusing On Real Relief To Defeat COVID-19 Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, This week, we were proud to introduce bills to help the American people during the pandemic. We introduced “Crush The Virus” Act, a standalone, $163 billion relief legislation focused on crushing the COVID-19 virus. This act specifically prioritizes the health and safety of the American people by: Providing direct funds to increase t...

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  • A Critical First Step Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, We have been calling for investigations into New York State’s handling of nursing homes and the deaths of seniors for months. While it is long overdue, the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York have opened an investigation into Governor Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous nursing home edicts, and the subsequent co...

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  • Pushing To Improve NYS Vaccination Program Published on:

    Dear Neighbor, This week, we have continued our push to improve New York’s convoluted, ineffective, and poorly designed COVID-19 vaccination program. To do so, we have helped lead the call for the federalization of the distribution of the vaccine in New York State. We believe if the state cannot demonstrate what’s working, it is time to use every ...

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