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  • Scoring Bipartisan Wins For The American People
    Posted in Weekly Newsletter on December 12, 2020 | Preview rr

    Dear Neighbor, This week, we were proud to spearhead the passage of the ALS Disability Insurance Access Act of 2019 and the HOSPICE Act, two critical pieces of healthcare legislation, through the House of Representatives. The ALS Disability Insurance Access Act would waive the five-month Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) waiting period for individuals with ALS, while the HOSPICE Act would increase transparency and oversight into hospice providers to prevent bad actors from providing po... Read more

  • Fighting For The Emergency Aid New Yorkers Deserve
    Posted in Weekly Newsletter on December 5, 2020 | Preview rr

    Dear Neighbor, Before Thanksgiving, I had indicated we were working around the clock on a new COVID-19 stimulus package. On Tuesday, my colleagues and I in the Problem Solvers Caucus, as well as a bipartisan group of Senators, unveiled an $908 billion emergency relief proposal. The proposal immediately generated significant support from Republican and Democrat leaders across Washington, and we are now closer to a deal than we’ve been in months. While many folks in D.C. gave up, we in the Proble... Read more

  • Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving
    Posted in Weekly Newsletter on November 26, 2020 | Preview rr

    Dear Neighbor, There is no doubt this Thanksgiving is a little different than those we have experienced in the past. In spite of the stress and disheartening news this year – I am eternally confident in the strength of our nation and the power of our communities when we stand together united. We will never stop fighting for you. This Thanksgiving, there are still so many wonderful blessings to recognize. We can be thankful for our friends and family, our homes, our incredible frontline workers, ... Read more

  • Working Together To Solve Diabetes
    Posted in Weekly Newsletter on November 21, 2020 | Preview rr

    Dear Neighbor, November is National Diabetes Month - and as a co-chair of the Diabetes Caucus and the father of a Type-1 Diabetic, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our efforts on this important issue. According to the CDC, Diabetes impacts, 10.5 percent of the nation's population - that is 34.2 million Americans who have to navigate the difficulties of diabetes. (https://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/data/statistics-report/index.html) Working with my colleague Rep. Diana DeGette in the Diabetes C... Read more

  • Moving Closer To Bipartisan Relief Deal
    Posted in Weekly Newsletter on October 10, 2020 | Preview rr

    Dear Neighbor, This week with your support, we have continued the fight to move forward a COVID-19 relief deal. For months, our commitment to getting comprehensive COVID-19 relief for the American people has remained steadfast. That's because we care about all of our small businesses, farmers, local governments, and working families who are hurting because Congress has failed to act. Thanks to our work with Congressional leadership and the White House, the negotiators are back at the table. Now,... Read more

  • Working To Ensure Congress Does Its Job
    Posted in Weekly Newsletter on September 26, 2020 | Preview rr

    Dear Neighbor, We wanted to provide an update this week on our efforts to push forward on a bipartisan COVID-19 relief deal. Since releasing our “March to Common Ground” framework last week to break the gridlock, the White House and Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle have commented in favor of the plan and our efforts. This week, we continued to urge every member of Congress to join us in our efforts to deliver aid to the American people. We stood with 33 of our colleagues in a let... Read more

  • New Milestone In Our Efforts To Support You
    Posted in Weekly Newsletter on September 12, 2020 | Preview rr

    Dear Neighbor, In our office, serving our constituents has always been our top priority. This week, we reached an incredible milestone – we have opened more than 17,500 constituent cases. That figure encompasses literally thousands of people and working families that we have been able to assist during our time in office. We are grateful for the opportunity to help and look forward to supporting many more working families moving forward. Our commitment to helping the people of New York’s 23rdDist... Read more

  • Pushing Back Against Social Security Scare Tactics
    Posted in Weekly Newsletter on September 5, 2020 | Preview rr

    Dear Neighbor, We have always fought to protect Social Security and address its challenges because it is vital for our seniors, individuals with disabilities, and working families. With so many Americans depending on Social Security, we were alarmed to see Democrats abuse federal Social Security analyses, which are supposed to be non-partisan, to spread misinformation. Specifically, Senate Democrats recently requested the Chief Actuary of Social Security analyze what would happen if payroll taxe... Read more

  • Holding New York State Accountable
    Posted in Weekly Newsletter on August 29, 2020 | Preview rr

    Dear Neighbor, This week, we voiced our support for the Department of Justice’s decision to request data on New York’s nursing home fatalities and potentially launch a full inquiry into the state’s disastrous nursing home policies. For quite some time, my colleagues and I at both the federal and state level, members of the media and public health experts have all called for an independent investigation into the state’s horrific nursing home orders for months. For far too long, Governor Cuomo and... Read more

  • Focusing On Regional Recovery
    Posted in Weekly Newsletter on August 22, 2020 | Preview rr

    Dear Neighbor, This week, we met with local manufacturers and farmers regarding our region’s economic recovery. These essential businesses are integral to our communities as they provide jobs, goods, and services during this difficult time to those who need it most. First, we visited Cameron Manufacturing in Horseheads to discuss key issues like employers' new COVID protocols, workforce development, and what it will take to restore our local economy. We also discussed the importance of addressin... Read more

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