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  • REED SUPPORTS DEAL TO EXTEND PAYROLL TAX RATES; Vows to sharpen focus to find additional spending cuts
    Posted in Press Releases on February 16, 2012 | Preview rr
    Tags: Tax Reform

    Statement from Congressman Tom Reed regarding the deal to extend payroll tax rates: “The deal finalized this morning is not perfect, but I support it. This compromise extends the payroll tax holiday for the rest of the year, protects seniors' access to Medicare services by extending and paying for the SGR "doc fix," and reduces the threat to the fiscal health of Social Security by replacing the decrease in funding with offsets from the general fund. Most importantly, it is a win for hardworking ... Read more

  • Reed Supports Stand-Alone Payroll Tax Extension Proposal
    Posted in Press Releases on February 14, 2012 | Preview rr
    Tags: Tax Reform

    Congressman Tom Reed is urging support for House leadership’s proposal to extend the payroll tax holiday as a stand-alone measure. “Last week I called for the House to consider extending the payroll tax holidayas a stand-alone measure,” Reed said. “Washington already takes too much from taxpayers, and time is running short to extend the tax holiday before it expires on February 29. I am committed to forging an agreement in the House Senate conference committee, but as the deadline approaches it ... Read more

  • Reed calls for Conference Committee to Focus on Payroll Tax Holiday and Protecting Social Security;
    Posted in Press Releases on February 9, 2012 | Preview rr
    Tags: Tax Reform

    Says the last thing hardworking taxpayers need is for Washington to take more of their money beginning March 1 Noting that time is running out on the payroll tax holiday, Congressman Tom Reed today called for a change in the focus of the House Senate Conference Committee dealing with the issue. “We in the House have been here ready to work since before Christmas,” Reed said. “The Senate has only been engaged for the last three weeks and we have been talking mostly about unemployment since then. ... Read more

  • Congressman Tom Reed to Introduce Roofing Efficiency Jobs Act of 2011; Legislation could create 40,000 jobs
    Posted in Press Releases on September 2, 2011 | Preview rr
    Tags: Tax Reform

    During an appearance at Upstate Roofing and Painting in Brighton, Congressman Tom Reed announcedthat he will introduce the Roofing Efficiency Jobs Act of 2011 when Congress reconvenes in Washington after Labor Day. Reed’s bill, which will create a 20-year depreciation period for commercial roofs (instead of the current 39-year period) will create nearly 40,000 roofing manufacturing and construction jobs nationwide. “The average lifespan of a typical commercial roof is only 17 years,” Reed explai... Read more

  • Statement from Tom Reed on President Obama's Speech
    Posted in Press Releases on April 13, 2011 | Preview rr
    Tags: Tax Reform

    “Similar to the State of the Union speech, the President’s speech today was nearly an hour of rhetoric without any real solutions, and no plan to reduce the deficit except for raising taxes. It was a very political speech without much policy. I was glad to hear him mention the need to reform entitlement programs and cut spending, but disappointed that he offered no suggestions on how to do so. I agree that we cannot keep kicking the can down the road on these issues – I have been saying as much... Read more

  • Reed Celebrates Repeal of Expanded Irs Reporting Requirements
    Posted in Press Releases on March 4, 2011 | Preview rr
    Tags: Tax Reform

    Congressman Tom Reed, who was an original co-sponsor of HR 4, the Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act of 2011, voted in favor of HR 4 and celebrated its passage this afternoon. The bill repeals the expanded 1099 reporting requirement imposed as part of the health care reform act passed in 2009. “We constantly hear from business owners, particularly farmers, that this is a potentially crushing burden for them,” Reed said. “Small businesses and family farms employ the majority of the... Read more

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