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Reed Cares For Working Families

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Washington, DC, June 6, 2016 | comments

Tom Reed continued fighting for working families and those struggling in poverty by announcing his support and involvement with for an upcoming strategy being unveiled by the House later this week to address the problem nationwide.

“We care about the families that are struggling in poverty because we understand the challenges of breaking that cycle firsthand. My mom was a single mother who raised the last six of us children on my father’s military and Social Security benefits. We stretched every dollar during my childhood.  That experience allows me to bring a my own perspective to the task force about the realities that many of these families face. This plan is a great start to getting solutions in place that will help create the opportunities that so they can achieve financial stability and independence,” said Reed.

The proposal is a result of a task force established by Speaker Ryan in February, which brought together Members of Congress from across the nation to develop solutions about poverty.  It will contain the Congressional plan to combat poverty and include initiatives to improve the way public assistance programs are administered to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse as well as make programs work better for those in need. The policies also aim to ensure that work pays off by eliminating the so-called “benefits cliff,” where recipients are not penalized for seeking opportunities and earning more wages. The plan will also focus on bridging the gap between skill sets and available job opportunities.

“We want to encourage self-sufficiency and help create the opportunities that many people right here in our region need to get out of poverty, and that includes streamlining and reforming government as well as working to improve our economy. We’re looking forward to making real progress for families,” said Reed. “Helping these families and individuals with the opportunities they need to get ahead is the right thing to do.”

The House is expected to unveil the proposal on Tuesday.

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