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Statement from Rep. Reed (NY-23) on CBS Anchor Scott Pelley’s Comments on Rep. Scalise

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Washington, DC, June 20, 2017 | comments

“For CBS News' Scott Pelley to describe the brutal shooting of Congressman Scalise as "self- inflicted" was beyond the pale and further proved that the Mainstream Media has completely lost any moral compass to guide its journalistic endeavors.  I call on all Americans to unite against this disgusting display of insensitive arrogance that I never thought I would experience in America's media. Mr. Pelley was scheduled to officially end his tenure as an evening anchor the next evening but for those of us who care about human decency, the end of his time on air, came a day too late.  Mr. Pelley should be ashamed of himself for doing the despicable deed of blaming the victim. He should never be employed in the media again by any forum or entity."

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