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Reed Cares For Poor

Focuses on the Forgotten with the Reintroduction of HAND-UP Act

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Washington, DC, January 23, 2017 | comments

As the new Administration gets underway, Tom Reed seeks bipartisan support for his proposals to bolster opportunity for the forgotten. “We care about ensuring every American has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential,” said Reed. “It’s only right that we come together and ensure every American, especially the working poor, has access to the hand up they need to escape poverty.”

Reed will reintroduce his Help Americans in Need Develop their Ultimate Potential or HAND-UP Act early next week. The proposal is designed to give states the flexibility to change how agencies administer social welfare programs such Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to help make sure more money gets to those who need it by reducing government overhead.

“This isn’t just about the dollars spent, but the effectiveness of these programs to break the cycle of poverty once and for all,” said Reed. “We have to change the way we measure success and that starts with smarter, smaller, more effective government.”

The bill also encourages states to find ways to save money without cutting benefits by making work pay, which creates a gradual reduction in benefits as income increases, rather than eliminating all benefits at a certain income threshold.

“We have to make work pay and stop penalizing success. That is why we stand with the American work ethic and will fight to ensure everyone has the best opportunity to succeed,” Reed concluded.

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