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Reed Stands with Sexual Assault/Harassment Victims: We Will Do More

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Washington, November 29, 2017 | comments
WASHINGTON, DC- Today, Congressman Tom Reed supported a House Resolution designed to curb sexual harassment in Congress.

“No one can justify sexual assault and harassment as acceptable. It has to end, no excuses,” Reed said. The stories I am hearing are deeply troubling. It doesn't matter who you are or what your title is, this needs to stop now. This resolution is an important step in making sure everyone is educated about sexual harassment and that victims understand they are protected under the law.” 

The resolution requires each member of Congress and their staff to have required training on sexual harassment in the workplace.

“Sexual harassment training is a basic requirement in my office. All members of my staff, including myself, have taken the training,” Reed added.

Reed is a member of the Bipartisan Taskforce to End Sexual Violence and has been an active leader within the “No More” campaign. Reed has also sponsored a resolution (H. Res. 269) designed to bring awareness to and end sexual assault and violence.  

“To the victims, I say, we stand with you. You deserve to have your stories believed and your bravery coming forward, better supported. We will do more.” Reed stated.

Bringing an end to sexual violence and harassment has been a priority of Reed’s throughout his seven years in Congress. This issue has impacted Reed and his family firsthand when his young niece was assaulted in high school.  

Watch Congressman Reed's floor speech here.
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