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Tax Reform Works

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Washington, February 19, 2018 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

Tax reform has proven to be transformational for not only our region, but across the country. Over 300 companies have announced bonuses, wage increases, and better benefits for their employees. Tax reform is empowering businesses to use their profits to make themselves more competitive in the way THEY see fit.

I saw this firsthand when I visited the Starbucks in Jamestown last week. Starbucks has decided to accelerate their paid family leave as a result of the new law. These are free market decisions being made by these companies to meet their workforce needs.

Another great story is that of Hostess. This company went bankrupt in 2012 due to the struggling economy. Now the company has announced bonuses to their employees. This shows the power of what tax reform is doing to unleash our economic potential.

Not only is tax reform empowering to businesses—it’s empowering to individuals as well. Individuals from across the district have been contacting our office praising the new law.

Jean, a retired teacher from Elmira, wrote:

I just received notice that beginning this month, my retirement check will increase by $230 per month due to lower federal withholding. That will pay my gas and electric bill! Thank you for your work on tax reform!

Bill from Maple Springs wrote us to say:

I opened my check and found over $100 more than usual.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not crumbs to me!  I was thrilled, and I was able to put that money back into the economy.  Thank you Congressman Reed for working to keep money in your constituents’ pockets.

I look forward to seeing and sharing these stories as the benefits of tax reform continue to be realized.

As always, please stay in touch and share your thoughts by contacting any of our offices

Best Regards,


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