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Touring the 23rd

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Corning, NY, March 6, 2018 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

Last week I was able to travel the district to address many important issues facing our communities. Topics of discussion ranged from tax reform to gun rights.

On Thursday, I toured the Finger Lakes- PRISM (Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management). We discussed the importance of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to the region as well as a recent $900,000 grant from the US EPA. This grant money will aid in controlling invasive species and help stabilize the ecosystem of the lakes. In turn, this will have a positive impact for area residents and the local economy.

While in the area, I met with Geneva High School students, administrators, and the School Resource officer to discuss the Parkland, Florida tragedy and how school safety is being addressed locally. When our kids leave for school in the morning, we want to know they will be safe and protected.  With all the money we spend, it’s time we invest in our most valuable assets- our children. I have introduced legislation in the past and support putting local school districts in a better position to access School Resource Officers. These resource officers would be armed, trained and best equipped to be in charge of the safety of our children. This is one tactic for addressing school violence. However, we must continue to bring focus to addressing the mental health crisis.

Our planned trip to Chautauqua County Friday was unfortunately postponed due to the storm. We will reschedule the events for later in the month!

On Saturday we held three town halls in Baldwin, Addison, and Almond. We hold town halls because I believe in a responsive and accessible government and finding common ground to benefit all of those in our region. It was great to hear from residents of those towns on the issues we face as a nation. Your participation in our town halls is the hallmark of democracy.

As always, please stay in touch and share your thoughts by contacting any of our offices.

Best Regards,


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