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Tom Reed Announces "Yes" Vote on AHCA

Looks Forward to Working with Albany to Help All New Yorkers

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Washington, DC, March 21, 2017 | comments

Recent changes to the American Health Care Act (AHCA) include an amendment designed to lift the property tax burden off the shoulders of upstate New York taxpayers. In light of these positive changes, Congressman Tom Reed confirms that he will vote for the AHCA.

The amendment was officially included late last night and subsequently filed with the Rules Committee. The final vote is expected on Thursday.  The change is a major shift in the way New York will pay for one of the largest Medicaid bills in the country.

“We articulated a very sensible need to change bad state policy that is currently hurting our vulnerable senior homeowners the most. Our message was well received by the White House and after several meetings, it was offered as an amendment,” Reed explained.

“It is clear to me that our concerns for the working class and seniors have been heard by the White House and our leadership, and together we will provide the relief so desperately needed by the working families who for too long have been negatively affected by unfair New York state policies. Seniors should never be forced to sell their homes because of unaffordable taxes that ultimately foot the bill for New York’s Medicaid program,” Reed said.

Reed also said he looks forward to working with state leadership as New York becomes more creative in its approach to improving health care and lowering taxes. “Of course, there will be resistance from those who refuse to change but the truth is that we all need to work together to meet the needs of New Yorkers  in a leaner, smarter way. It’s time for the state to get its act together and quit putting the burden on upstate families and businesses,” stated Reed.

Members of the New York GOP congressional delegation, including Representatives John Faso (NY-19) Chris Collins (NY-27), Claudia Tenney (NY-22), Elise Stefanik (NY-21), and Tom Reed (NY-23) joined together to press for the inclusion of the Medicaid Local Share Limitation proposal in the Manager’s Amendment to the AHCA. 

“Credit must be given to John Faso for his leadership role. He brought this to us as a legacy issue from his time in Albany as an elected official. Faso was very proactive and creative in pushing this item for the local property tax payers from the region. We all came together as a NY delegation to get this done, but credit also goes to Collins as the NY representative of the committee of jurisdiction, Energy and Commerce,” Reed stated. 

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