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Break the Gridlock

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Washington, D.C., August 7, 2018 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

The bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, which I co-chair, recently released a proposal to “Break the Gridlock” in Washington.

House rules will be up for debate in January, and our proposals will ensure power isn’t just in the hands of party leaders. By doing so, it will allow good ideas to be voted on.

Our proposals:

  • Encourage and reward bipartisan governing
  • Foster passage of bills to solve constituent priorities
  • Increase accountability and transparency
  • Elect a Speaker that is representative to the whole body

For more in depth details of “Break the Gridlock” proposal, visit here.

It is time for Congress to start working for the American people again.

The Problem Solvers Caucus have put forward ideas related to common sense healthcare solutions, stabilizing the individual health insurance marketplace, our crumbling infrastructure, and our nation’s DREAMERs and border security. Unfortunately, none of these ideas ever received a vote due to the restrictive House rules.

Until next time,


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