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The State of Our Union Is Strong

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Washington, D.C., February 7, 2019 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

President Trump’s message at Tuesday night’s State of the Union was clear: it’s time to put party politics aside and get things done  for the American people.

As the President looked ahead, he also reflected on all we have achieved in the last two years. 

Our economy is soaring.

Americans are going back to work in RECORD numbers.

We slashed regulations.

And we made our country stronger by investing in our military.

We were glad to hear the President reaffirm his commitment to protecting Americans by securing our southern border as well as highlight priorities like rebuilding our infrastructure and lowering the cost of healthcare.  

President Trump is moving our country forward. 

Now extremists on both sides have a choice to make:

Will they adopt a willingness to compromise and ensure a legacy of greatness for our children and grandchildren, or instead, choose to play ‘gotcha politics,’ and guarantee the American people lose out on future opportunities?

We sincerely hope they choose to put the American people first.

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Until next time,

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