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What is going on in McAllen?

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Washington, D.C., July 27, 2019 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

We recently took a trip to McAllen, Texas with the Problem Solver Caucus.

To date we are the only bipartisan group to go down and see the crisis at our border firsthand.

What we saw were border agents who were trying their best to care for immigrants in their custody and protect the border after 30 years of Congressional neglect. 

Immigrants and border guards alike are tired of the inadequate, broken immigration system and it shows. 

These facilities are truly heart-wrenching to see. It is also disturbing to see ill-intentioned Cartel members actively using humans as artillery to get into America.

Our border agents should not be blamed for the crisis that is rising everyday. Congress should be doing their jobs and not play these partisan political games. Enough is enough.

The Problem Solvers Caucus is fully engaged in coming up with solutions which can pass the House, Senate and be signed into law by the President.

Until next time,

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