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Washington, August 3, 2019 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

As you may recall, last January the Problem Solvers Caucus secured a rule change called the “consensus calendar”. 

This calendar is used when a bill has secured 290 co-sponsors and has now turned into the go-to-place for common sense, bipartisan bills. 

In July, we saw three bills reach the house floor because of these rule changes:

  • Cadillac Tax Repeal
    • Cuts the 40 percent tax levied on employer health insurance plans above certain thresholds that is set to go into effect in 2022, which would cause health care costs to increase for one in five Americans.
  • Horse Soring Ban
    • Bans the inflicting pain in a horse’s legs or hooves to force the horse to perform an artificial, high-stepping gait known
  • Widows Tax Repeal
    • When a widow qualifies for multiple benefit programs, they can receive money from one — but for every dollar they get from that program, a dollar is taken away from the money they receive from the other.

The Problem Solvers Caucus is delivering real results to people we care deeply about. This is the reason we came to Washington - to create solutions and cut through the bureaucracy. 

Until next time,

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