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Corning, NY, October 1, 2019 | comments

Today, Rep. Tom Reed blasted Governor Andrew Cuomo over the stalled Constitution pipeline which had devastating results last week when a driver of a truck carrying compressed natural gas died in a crash along the “virtual pipeline route,” in Binghamton. The crash forced the evacuation of dozens of nearby homes.

Governor Cuomo blocked the proposed pipeline from Pennsylvania to New York which has had devastating energy shortage effects downstate, hurt Southern Tier jobs, and now resulted in the unnecessary loss of life,” Tom said.

Governor Cuomo has opted to use a “virtual pipeline” and force 80 trips to and from Pennsylvania to a compressor station in Herkimer County between Utica and Schenectady — roughly the same route that would have been served by the proposed Constitution pipeline, but with far less efficiency.

“It’s typical Governor Cuomo trying to appease the extremist in Albany by forcing a virtual pipeline that is less safe, more expensive, delivers less gas, and results in higher carbon emissions than a traditional pipeline would,” Tom concluded.

Utility companies in downstate New York have halted new hookups – including in low-income housing communities. To make matters worse Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez signed a letter to block the pipeline, and a low-income housing project near her district is suffering as a result.

“Remember when we had to buy Russian natural gas drilled from the arctic two winters ago to serve the Northeast? That is exactly what is going to happen again if we do not get back to common sense governing and stand up to the bullies on the far left,” Tom concluded.

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