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Washington, D.C., October 12, 2019 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

This week I went on a diplomatic trip to Poland to meet with the Polish Prime Minister, President and the cabinet. 

We praised their commitment to wean themselves off of Russian energy with U.S. natural gas.

Poland has signed approximately $33 billion worth of contracts with U.S. firms for delivery of natural gas to the country.

When will Governor Cuomo embrace U.S. energy dominance in his own backyard?

Other topics we discussed included the importance of rejecting socialism for business investment and the shortage of skilled labor in both of our countries.  

If you did not know, Corning Inc. just opened their second plant in 2019 and Borg Warner employs around 150 people. When they profit in Poland, that is great news for Upstate New York. 

Both our countries need to uplift the vocational fields and break the stigma that surround these high wage jobs that need to be filled.

I hope our two countries can learn from each other’s successes and failures and remain allies.

Until next time,


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