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Washington, October 28, 2019 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

Diabetes and access to insulin are very important issues to me since they both have hit very close to home. It is heartbreaking to hear stories about people rationing their insulin or choosing between buying this life-saving drug or paying their bills.

Recently, to help remedy this situation, we offered an amendment to Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing plan which would lower the cost of insulin for people on Medicare Part D by requiring rebates to go directly to people paying for insulin at the pharmacy counter instead of big insurance companies. We care about making sure access to insulin isn’t blocked because a person can’t afford it – and this amendment is a major step in the right direction.

It is a common sense fix that everyone should be able to get behind. 

This is people’s health we’re talking about - this should not be a political maneuver. We only have a short window of time to get things like lower drug prices through with impeachment proceedings becoming a possibility in the Senate – which per rules – will put a halt to any legislation.

It’s time for Congress to do the right thing. People are suffering while politicians play politics. 

Until next time,


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