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Washington, April 25, 2020 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

Our country is facing a two-pronged economic and health crisis that we have never seen before. Lives have been lost, jobs have been lost, and many are looking for answers to the question, “How do we move forward from here?” No portion of the country has been forced to grapple with these challenges more than the state of New York.

It’s why people are demanding to see some leadership and asking for reassurances that someone out there understands their situation and what they truly need. Many in Upstate New York have felt ignored and overly burdened with state-wide edicts that make regions adhere to standards that don’t reflect the economic and health conditions on the ground.

This is why I recently joined a host of our state legislators and local officials in calling for region-by-region approach to reopening the state.

I have also worked with the Problem Solvers Caucus to put forth a comprehensive checklist outlining how the federal government can support reopening. We have laid out a realistic vision to build up health care providers’ capacity to handle COVID-19 safely, bring our economy back online, and invest in our long term future.

We care about making sure Americans can get back to work safely and with this framework in place, we can start to make that happen. It is only fair to give each region a chance to reopen their economy in a safe, effective manner.

For more information on our checklist, visit reed.house.gov. You can also participate in a “Congress Comes To You”townhall to hear more about these issues.

Until next time,


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