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Slam The Scam

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Washington, March 7, 2020 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

This week, we joined with our Democrat partner on Social Security, Rep. John Larson to shed some light on Social Security scam calls, releasing a “Slam the Scam” public service announcement.

Robo callers are trying to take advantage of Americans all across the country by attempting to gain their trust over the phone and ultimately, stealing their money. 

As the Republican Leader of Social Security on Ways and Means, we care about ensuring Americans do not fall victim to unfair scammers. Here are some tips to recognize these calls and what to do if you receive these calls:

  • Scammers may threaten arrest or legal action against you unless you pay a fine; promise to increase benefits or resolve identity theft if you pay a fee; demand payment  with retail gift cards, wire transfers, internet currency or by mailing cash; or try to convince you by using spoofed caller ID numbers or officials’ real names or by emailing fake documents.  
  • If you get these calls, DO NOT believe their claims
  • Social Security would never threaten anyone – if you owe money to Social Security, they will mail you a letter with payment options and appeal rights.
  • If you receive one of these calls – hang up on them, do not give them money or personal information and report the scam at oig.ssa.gov

Armed with information, we can all “Slam the Scam” together and ensure no one is unfairly swindled out of their hard earned money!

Until next time,


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