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We Stand With Local Governments

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Washington, May 3, 2020 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

I’ve taken a stand to push for the federal government to provide responsible financial support to our state and local governments in our next aid package. We will continue to call for this support because it is the right thing to do. Let me take a moment to explain why:

  • The scale of economic challenges facing state and local governments because of coronavirus are massive.
  • It is only fair that local communities have access to the funds and resources they need to keep moving forward and safely get portions of country back to work.

We do, however, need to place important restrictions and requirements on this federal aid to ensure it has the greatest impact on districts like ours because:

  • Without provisions in place in place to dictate how Albany and other statehouses’ distribute these funds, local governments will be left out to dry.
  • We have to ensure these funds are not used to address budget issues that existed long before the economic hurricane that is COVID-19 hit our shores.

One only needs to take one look at what New York has done with its education funding to understand why these restrictions are unfortunately necessary. Let’s make sure we’re providing the right funding that is needed for our local governments – and the people they serve – to get through this crisis together. 

Until Next Time,

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