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Heath Care Providers Work Together

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Washington, May 23, 2020 | comments

Dear Neighbor,

Since the COVID crisis first began, we have worked closely with health providers throughout the district to coordinate their public health responses. In difficult times like these, collaboration, cooperation, and coordination are absolutely critical.

In that spirit, earlier this week we announced major health networks and hospitals across the region have agreed to join a good-faith pledge to share resources and spare hospital bed capacity. This arrangement benefits all of us by making sure areas are prepared to handle any momentary increases in virus cases, should this arise. The pledge will also help ensure Western New York will not back-slide into further shut downs because one area is temporarily out of compliance.

Without collaborative efforts like these, it is likely that reopening would be delayed and the return of elective surgeries would be postponed. This would:

- hurt hospitals, who have been financially battered over the course of this virus
- hurt people, who cannot access the services and treatments they need
- hurt the local economy

We will continue working with health providers to develop the solutions that will help us persevere through this crisis. Remember, standing together, we will get through this. 

Until Next Time,


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