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Reed Says Florida Court Ruling Adds to Momentum to Repeal Obamacare; Notes Growing Momentum to Repeal 1099 Requirement as Well

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Washington, DC, February 1, 2011 | comments
Reed drew particular attention to H.R. 4, legislation which would repeal the expanded 1099 reporting requirements required by Obamacare. Reed was an original co-sponsor of the legislation when it was introduced on January 12.  The bipartisan number of co-sponsors has swelled to 263 members.
“We constantly hear from business owners, particularly farmers, that this is a potentially crushing burden for them,” Reed said. “Small businesses and family farms employ the majority of the hard-working middle class in Upstate New York. The expanded 1099 filing requirement is an example of Obamacare over–reach that could threaten those vital jobs.”  
Small business and farm leaders in New York agree on the need to repeal the 1099 requirement. “Small business owners have been deeply troubled by much of the new federal healthcare law,” observed Mike Elmendorf, New York State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). “Chief among their concerns has been the absurd 1099 reporting requirements it imposes on already overburdened small businesses. We’re glad leaders like Congressman Tom Reed and his colleagues in Washington are standing up and fighting to rid small businesses of this bureaucratic nightmare once and for all.”
Dean Norton, President of New York Farm Bureau, added that repeal of the expanded 1099 provisions is necessary, as it is a government mandate that is nothing more than a time consuming exercise that does not provide a monetary benefit to New York farmers. “Farmers work with many vendors throughout the year to produce the healthy, nutritious food our neighbors depend on,” Norton said. “Instead of filling out numerous 1099s,  New York’s farmers should be allowed to plan for their next crop year.  Repealing this provision is good for the farmers, small businesses and families in our communities and the New York Farm Bureau appreciates the leadership that Congressman Reed has shown on this issue.”
“This expanded reporting requirement was passed during the last Congress,” Reed said. “This is just the start of getting government out of the way. We are determined to enact solutions that entail less government, not more.”
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