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Corning , February 22, 2021 | comments

CORNING, NY - Today, Rep. Tom Reed released the following statement in response to NBC reporting that New York State denied Chautauqua County the opportunity to receive a federal vaccination site.


“People are sick and tired of seeing their leaders play politics during a crisis. 

 Communities like Chautauqua County are underserved and chronically overlooked by Albany. In fact, the federal government and CDC’s own data demonstrated the area deserves a vaccination site. 

 Governor Cuomo’s decision to unilaterally deny Chautauqua County a center has left an entire swath of Western New York without direct access to a federal or state vaccination site. These actions aren’t just misguided – they are plain wrong because they directly jeopardize lives. 

 Our only motivation in these times should be working together to ensure that there is fair access to vaccination sites across the entire state. This must include Chautauqua County and portions of the Southern Tier.

The question needs to be asked of what really motivated this decision by Governor Cuomo and why it is acceptable to let politics overrule the data.”

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