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TOM REED SUPPORTS REPEAL OF IPAB HEALTHCARE BOARD; Believes health care should be patient-centered, not government-centered

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Washington, DC, March 22, 2012 | comments

Congressman Tom Reed today voted to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) established by the so-called “Obamacare” Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. IPAB is a board of unelected bureaucrats charged with determining what services will and will not be paid for by Medicare as the law is fully implemented in 2013 and 2014.

“Most of the healthcare law's tax increases, Medicare cuts, and direct impacts on patients are back loaded to take effect after the 2012 election,” Reed commented. “IPAB is one of them.  It is bad policy which inserts the government directly into the patient-doctor relationship. I believe health care should be patient-centered, not government-centered.”   

“I am also concerned there is no requirement in the law that IPAB hold public meetings or hearings, consider public input on its proposals, or even make its deliberations open to the public,” Reed continued. “These decisions, which will affect lives, will be made behind closed doors." 

Reed has consistently voted to repeal portions and the entirety of the misnamed Affordable Care Act. “While there are good reforms such as requiring coverage for pre-existing conditions, allowing children up to age 26 to be carried on a parent’s policy, and covering preventive health care services like mammograms for women, the overall act does much more harm than good,” Reed said.  We have to keep those reforms in a new patient-centered solution. With the hindsight of two years of just the initial stages of implementation, it is clear that the law overpromises, overspends and underperforms – all at the expense of the very patients and hardworking taxpayers that the law is supposed to help.”


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