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Washington, DC, September 19, 2013 | comments

Congressman Tom Reed introduced a bill Thursday in the House of Representatives that will forfeit pay for Members of Congress and the Administration should a government shutdown occur. Reed’s Pay Our Veterans and Seniors First Act requires that in the event of a government shutdown, military men and women and seniors are secured from a shutdown’s impact.   

“Congress must act now to ensure our seniors and troops receive their pay in the event of a government shutdown,” Reed said. “With the clock ticking, inaction is not fair to our seniors, our military, and countless other American workers who will be impacted. American taxpayers rightly expect their government to work for them, and if Congress and the President are not able to prevent a shutdown, they should not get paid.”

Currently Members of Congress, the President, Vice President and heads of Executive Agencies and Departments will continue to receive pay even if government funding bills are not passed by the September 30th deadline and the federal government is shut down. Congressman Reed’s bill challenges lawmakers to complete one of their primary responsibilities or forfeit their pay.    

“Just like everyday Americans, Congress and the government have jobs to do,” Reed continued. “There is no reason why Congress and the Administration should be paid if the government is shut down. If this is the push it takes to get lawmakers to act to care for our seniors and military, we’re willing to make that push.”

Much like Rep. Reed’s efforts in the No Budget, No Pay legislation, Reed’s Pay Our Veterans and Seniors First Act sends the simple message that the status quo is unacceptable and Congress and the President need to be held accountable.

A CR, or continuing resolution, must be passed prior to October 1st in order to avoid a government shutdown.


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