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Dept. of Energy Awards Subcontract to Rhi Monofrax

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Washington, DC, September 26, 2014 | comments

Tom Reed announced today that the Department of Energy (DOE) contractor Energy Solutions has awarded a subcontract to RHI Monofrax. The total authorized funding is $2,880,493.28, and the period of performance is from August 6, 2014 through August 31, 2015.  

Reed weighed in heavily with the DOE earlier this year to ensure the order is placed in a timely manner with the Falconer manufacturer, which is the only facility in the United States to manufacture necessary refractory sets.  

Although DOE previously told Monofrax it had ruled out a purchase during this fiscal year, Reed worked with leaders at DOE, Monofrax and the local union secured the order

“We want to be as sensitive as possible to care for the needs of our district’s businesses. When that means stepping up to the plate to facilitate conversations and press for action, we’ll be there to help however we can,” Reed said. “Our local workforce is second to none and we will continue to fight to put our local workforce and locally manufactured products in the strongest position possible.”

Reed met with Monofrax management and local and regional union leaders at the plant in Falconer earlier this year to get a better sense of the company’s business model and map out an action plan for the plant’s long-term viability.


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