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Washington, DC, January 16, 2014 | comments

Rep. Tom Reed’s Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act (RAMI) was recognized by the President this week as a vehicle for job creation and substantial manufacturing job growth among American manufacturers.    

“It’s extremely encouraging that the President has chosen to highlight a main initiative in our office as a game-changer for manufacturing in America,” Reed said. “The next generation of innovation is right here at home and we’re ready to get it off the ground. The President’s announcement that he will work with Congress to get the bill passed and signed into law is great news for manufacturers looking to ‘make it here and sell it there’ and for training the next generation of high-tech manufacturers.”    

President Obama was in North Carolina this week highlighting the importance of creating a network of manufacturing hubs and announced a new manufacturing hub to be located in Raleigh. In its release, the White House highlighted Reed’s bill and the job creation it supports: “In July 2013, Senators Brown (D-OH) and Blunt (R-MO) and Congressmen Reed (R-NY) and Kennedy (D-MA) co-sponsored bipartisan legislation in both the Senate and House that would create a network for manufacturing innovation led by the Department of Commerce consistent with the President’s vision, helping the United States to take advantage of this unique opportunity to accelerate growth and innovation in domestic production and create the foundation for well-paying jobs that strengthen the middle class.”   

The release went on to pledge the President’s support for Reed’s bill: “The President will continue to support this bipartisan legislation and will work with Congress to get it passed, and will continue to make progress where he can through existing authority to boost these partnerships that are key to supporting high-quality manufacturing jobs.”

“We welcome the President’s partnership on this job-creating initiative so vital in bringing the next generation of American manufacturing to fruition,” Reed continued. “His interest certainly gives our bill a boost as we work to advance the novel and innovative technologies in our backyard that would be prime candidates for the public-private partnerships established under RAMI.”

Rep. Tom Reed introduced his Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act in the House last summer. The bill creates public-private partnerships to bring together manufacturers, local businesses, universities and community colleges to encourage manufacturing and new technology innovation through coordinated resources. The institutes are designed to commercialize research and development into manufactured products, train an advanced manufacturing workforce and support manufacturers of all sizes. Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-MA) joined as the Democratic lead on Reed’s bill. A companion bill has also been introduced in the Senate by Senators Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH).  


The White House announcement in full can be found here:

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