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Reed Continues Fight for Nuclear Waste Cleanup in Ny23

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Washington, DC, July 7, 2014 | comments

Tom Reed said Monday he will make a push in Washington this week to protect public safety and ensure that nuclear waste cleanup at the West Valley site in Cattaraugus County continues on schedule. Reed will go to the House floor this week to offer an amendment making West Valley support equal to what the site’s cleanup efforts received last year.

“Fighting for fair funding so West Valley cleanup can continue at full force is a public safety issue we all care about,” Reed said. “West Valley deserves a fair, reasonable level of support so that we can protect the communities we call home. Rather than let more tax dollars disappear into DC bureaucracy, we want to be a voice to prioritize projects we hear from the district are vital to public safety, care for the environment and save taxpayer dollars in the long run.”

The House is scheduled to consider the Energy and Water Appropriations Act this week. The bill provides annual funding for programs under the Department of Energy and related agencies, including funding for nuclear cleanup at the West Valley site. Under the current bill, West Valley is slated to receive $4 million less than last year’s level. Reed’s amendment would work to boost support back up to last year’s level so that site cleanup can continue on schedule.

Reed successfully fought behind the scenes in years past for fair funding for nuclear cleanup at West Valley, introducing bipartisan amendments with Rep. Brian Higgins. “When you have something as common sense as cleaning up nuclear waste, it doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you’re on or who gets the credit, it matters that the job gets done,” Reed said.

Reed praised the West Valley Citizen Task Force for its consistent advocacy on behalf of the site’s cleanup. “We continue to work hand-in-hand with the task force on the ground and support their unwavering efforts to make sure West Valley gets the support it deserves. Meeting with the task force at home, down in Washington and at the Department of Energy, it’s clear there is a strong support system here at home advocating for cleanup.”  


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