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Reed on Cornell Campus for a Day of Engineering and Manufacturing

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Washington, DC, August 12, 2014 | comments
Cornell student Moonyoung Lee shows Tom Reed the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle being developed through the engineering department at Cornell.

Tom Reed spent the day with Cornell faculty, graduate and undergraduate students for a firsthand look at new programs at Cornell and student engineering projects. Reed kicked off the day at a meeting with Lance Collins, Dean of the College of Engineering at Cornell. Following a meeting with faculty, Reed got a firsthand look at a number of student projects being formulated, designed and manufactured at Cornell.

“Today’s college students are weaving skill sets from different disciplines and different departments together to harness the skill sets those in the high-tech world need today,” Reed said. “Students need this kind of diversity to really thrive in today’s world and the STEM fields are key in getting them started. For us to care for our economy and encourage the next wave of innovative jobs, we have to care for students and encourage them to always be thinking and building.”    

Reed and engineering faculty discussed Reed’s manufacturing bill, the Revitalize American Manufacturing in Innovation Act and how the bill encourages a manufacturing renaissance in the United States. Last month, Reed’s bill cleared its final hurdle for a vote on the House floor. The bill to create a national network of regionally-based manufacturing hubs now has 100 bipartisan cosponsors in the House and strong support in the Senate.

“Our manufacturing bill will push the economy to the next level by making products here at home and in Cornell’s case, right here in our backyard,” Reed said. “We can make the high-tech products of tomorrow right down the street – not across the ocean – and do that by capitalizing on the innovation of the next generation. It’s time for this jobs bill to put American manufacturing back on the map.”

Cornell gave Reed an overview of the University’s new Product Design and Manufacturing Institute and Entrepreneurship Program before graduate and undergraduate students of the College of Engineering unveiled their projects for Reed. Cornell University’s Unmanned Air Systems project, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle project and Formula SAE racecars were all put on display.   

“It’s one thing to come up with a concept for a new innovation but it’s a very different thing to physically manufacture that product and here at Cornell, students are doing it all,” Reed continued. “These students are taking their engineering schooling a step even further and delving into how to manufacture these products on a large scale, not just one model. For them, it’s about the larger process of ‘why are we building this?’ and ‘how are we going to build this in mass quantities?’ Students are figuring out how concepts connect and it’s an incredible thing to see firsthand.”

Reed wrapped up his visit with a meeting among Provost Kent Fuchs and College Deans. The Q&A with the group included questions on Reed’s agenda for research and development, education, manufacturing, and the latest on Reed’s manufacturing bill. 

“Our push to get our manufacturing bill across the finish line is about realizing what we’re seeing at Cornell in other parts of the district and across the country,” Reed said. “It’s about getting more students interested in STEM education and supporting engineering and entrepreneurship in education more generally.”


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