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Reed Votes to Keep Construction Projects Moving

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Washington, DC, July 15, 2014 | comments

Tom Reed voted Tuesday to keep road and construction projects moving forward throughout the summer and next year with the Highway and Transportation Funding Act. The bill keeps the fund from drying up and halting projects by putting together policies with a strong history of bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate. It passed in the House with a strong bipartisan vote of 367-55.

“The bipartisan bill we voted for today will keep jobs in place and avoid construction project delays,” Reed said. “It’s important we keep local road repairs going and make sure local project contracts are able to continue – especially through these busy travel months during the summer. Making sure the Highway Trust Fund is there for generations to come is something I care about and something I’m committed to protecting.”

The House-passed fix means road and construction projects will be able to move forward through May 31, 2015, giving Congress time put together a long-term solution – something Reed says is critical.

“While the best-case scenario is a longer-term fix, this bill keeps jobs in place and gives Congress time to work on what the country really needs: a long-term plan to care for our roads and infrastructure,” Reed said. “America’s infrastructure is too important to let fall off Congress’ radar.”

Reed recently held a roundtable with Highway Superintendents, Public Works Commissioners and airport and highway officials to listen to their needs and concerns before the House considered the Highway Trust Fund bill. Reed said one of the main takeaways was the groups’ opposition to a gas tax increase, a tax increase Reed has long been opposed to.

“While some in the House and Senate were pushing for a tax hike at the gas pump, I’m glad the House-passed fix doesn’t put more financial pressure on families. Raising the gas tax on American families trying to drive to work, pick their kids up from school or drive a parent to the doctor isn’t fair. They’re already under enough financial stress. What we voted on today takes a practical approach that doesn’t raise taxes and keeps road projects moving in the right direction.”


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