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Tom Reed to Co-Chair House Manufacturing Caucus

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Washington, DC, January 28, 2013 | comments

 Rep. Tom Reed has been named the new Chairman of the bipartisan House Manufacturing Caucus, joining Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) as co-chair. The Manufacturing Caucus, founded in 2003, hosts briefings and roundtable discussions with industry experts to help support and spur job creation in manufacturing and associated industries.

“We are excited to be working with Congressman Ryan to continue to build the caucus’ reputation as a voice and a resource for the manufacturing sector – a group whose success is vital to our country’s ability to make a strong economic recovery,” Reed said. “It’s all about improving communication between manufacturers and Congress so that we can bring more manufacturing jobs to the 23rd district and the entire country.”

The Caucus will hold its first event of the 113th Congress on February 5th when it will host a “Manufacturing 101” event in Washington. Representatives from local manufacturer Cummins, the National Association of Manufacturers, and others will speak to Members about what obstacles the industry currently faces and what steps they would like to see Congress take.

“We’ll hear directly from frontline manufacturers on how Congress can promote policies that will help support job creation and act as a voice and resource for our local manufacturers,” Reed continued. “With manufacturers like Corning Incorporated, Cummins, G.W. Lisk, Kennedy Valve, Nucor, Primet and other small and large manufacturers, their success will have a significant impact on our region’s ability to make a strong economic recovery.”

This week, Reed will visit Lockheed Martin’s Owego facility: “We’ll bring feedback from the visit to Washington next week before the Manufacturing Caucus meets – it’s all about better representing our district in Washington. With over 2,800 employees at the Owego facility, Lockheed Martin is a prime example of the kind job creator the 23rd district needs more of.”

Reed says a key focus of his for the Manufacturing Caucus is natural gas development. “I continue to hear from our local manufacturers that high utility and transportation costs are a major factor when making long-term business decisions. Our region has been blessed with plentiful natural gas reserves and manufacturers will play a key role in developing those resources. We can lower energy and transportation costs for everyone and really have a manufacturing renaissance in the United States.”


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