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Tom Reed Stands with State Leaders, Applauds Community on Monterey Shock Efforts

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Washington, DC, March 12, 2014 | comments

Tom Reed is supporting recent efforts of local state and community leaders in the push to keep the Monterey Shock Incarceration Facility open. Reed has been vocal in his opposition to the planned closure since Governor Cuomo made the announcement in late July 2013, citing the facility’s successful program, local jobs and savings for taxpayers as the basis for keeping the Schuyler County facility open.

“Monterey Shock is an effective resource in our community with a proven track record of drastically reducing recidivism rates and in doing so, turning countless lives around for the better,” Reed said. “On top of those life-changing benefits to inmates, the facility supports local jobs and delivers major savings to taxpayers in the form of public works projects completed by inmates. I applaud the commitment of Senator O’Mara and Assemblymen Palmesano and Friend and all those in the community who traveled to Albany this week to make their voices heard.”

Reed says the kind of community effort displayed to prevent closure of the Elmira Psychiatric Center in December can be replicated to help save Monterey Shock. 

“Just as the local community was successful in advocating for Albany to change its course on the Elmira Psychiatric Center, the community is again coming together with a unified message for Albany: Monterey Shock cares for the community is a resource we can’t afford to lose.”

Following the announcement from the Cuomo Administration in July 2013 that it would close the facility, Reed met with Monterey staff, former inmates and their families to listen to their input and reached out to the governor’s office to express concern and ask that the governor reconsider.

“The stories we hear about how the facility is turning lives around is reason enough to maintain the facility,” Reed continued. “This is a program that works, a program that cares for the community and a program that is fair to taxpayers. This is a program that has a home in our community and needs to stay.”


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