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Reed Common Core Testing “Opt Out” Proposal Will Empower Parents and Protect Students and Teachers

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Washington, DC, April 22, 2015 | comments

Today Congressman Tom Reed announced legislation that empowers parents to opt their children out of Common Core testing without any negative repercussions on teachers or their local school district.

Congressman Reed made the following statement:

“I support the right of parents to make decisions regarding the education of their children. Parents should play an active role in determining what standardized tests their children take. Tens of thousands of parents have already opted their children out of required public school testing, a protest against Common Core curriculum and the philosophy of `teaching to the test.’ This action has sent a clear message to lawmakers: parents should decide what is in their child’s best interest, not bureaucrats in Albany or Washington.

I care about our local students, teachers, and taxpayers. Local school districts should not be penalized simply because taxpayers are exercising their parental rights. It is not fair that local school districts could be designated as “failing” or lose funding due to higher opt out numbers. This legislation protects property taxpayers by ensuring that teachers, administrators, and school districts will not be adversely affected by opting students out of the Common Core tests.”

Reed will propose legislation to prevent states from reducing levels of funding to school districts simply because parents have opted their children out of Common Core testing.

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