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Reed Fights for Lower Gas Prices

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Washington, DC, July 13, 2015 | comments
Reed Fights for Lower Gas Prices

Tom Reed discussed how energy produced in the United States, particularly as a result of fracking, is driving the costs of electric/gas bills and gasoline down for families across Western New York.

“Oil and natural gas developed in the United States is keeping oil prices around the world low, which is driving down the price of gas here at home,” said Reed. “Cheaper gas is also reducing the prices of food and electric/gas bills, which help families, as these are the largest expenses in a household,” Reed continued.

A recent report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) highlighted the positive impact that U.S. shale production on the wallets of the American consumer. The report indicates that hydraulic fracturing is directly responsible for a drastic reduction in natural gas imports, as well as, increased domestic oil production, which is reducing the price of gasoline, despite political unrest in the Middle East.

“For the sake of our economy, our kids and the future of the United States, we must develop a strategy to end our dependence on Middle Eastern Crude oil,” said Reed. “We cannot continue to rely on oil to meet all of our country’s needs.”

Reed also discussed a forthcoming proposal he is developing which will create energy independence in the United States. His “all-of-the-above” approach will encourage the development of domestic resources, including both renewable and traditional energy sources, such as solar, wind, oil and natural gas. The proposal is also expected to contain improvements to work force training, energy efficiency standards and infrastructure.

“It’s only fair that we use the resources that we have here at home first and not let an extreme liberal-progressive agenda send energy cost through the roof, and stifle our communities,” Reed continued.

The announcement comes in the wake of an Obama Administration decision earlier this year to implement very strict, very bureaucratic set of environmental regulations, leaving many businesses without a way to comply, inevitably passing higher energy costs on to consumers.

“Rather than submitting to another top down government mandate which will increase energy costs, threaten reliability of our production abilities and our national security, we should take a fair approach and support responsible energy development, while also protecting the environment, supporting families and encouraging businesses to grow,” said Reed.

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