Congressman Tom Reed
Congressman Tom Reed
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Date:Wednesday, January 22, 2019 View Online
Reed Highlights Dangerous Green Light Law Effects on Public

CORNING, NY – Today, Rep. Tom Reed blasted Governor Cuomo on the effects of his law allowing drivers licenses for illegal immigrants – including the fact that police departments from around the state are not able to access DMV data unless they agree not to share the data with federal law enforcement.

Police departments need this DMV data to assist in investigations and to verify individuals’ identities during traffic stops. They have no choice but to sign.

“Just last week, we saw how New York refusing to share data with Feds allowed an illegal immigrant to rape and murder 92-year-old grandmother – after he was previously arrested for another crime,” Tom said. “Now the rumor mill is swirling that the Department of Homeland Security may deem all New York drivers licenses invalid – meaning you would not be able to use these documents to board a plane.

This would be a costly tax on an already overburdened New York taxpayer. An enhanced New York driver’s license is $65. However, if Homeland Security will not accept New York State drivers licenses, we would have to tack on an extra $160 for a passport – with the possibility of an extra $65 fee on top of that to expedite the passport. Now, you’re into the hundreds of dollars for a simple I.D.,” Tom concluded.

While this would be an expensive tax for New Yorkers, it may be a necessary step for the security of our airports as all New York driver’s licenses look virtually identical.

Tom plans to discuss this issue with Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf in the coming days.


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